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09. China Machine Tool & Tool Builders’ Association


Established in March 1988, China Machine Tool & Tool Builders’ Association (hereinafter abbreviated to CMTBA) is a nationwide social organization with authorization of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of P.R.C, CMTBA has the legal person qualification of social organization. CMTBA mainly consists of the manufacturing enterprises of China’s machine tool & tool industry, and organized voluntarily by the related enterprises or groups, science and technology research and design units, universities and organization. It is a nationwide industrial and not-for-profit organization, unrestricted by the regional, industrial jurisdiction and ownership.  

With its permanent organization (headquarter) in Beijing, CMTBA has over 1500 members from the sectors of metal cutting machine tool, special purpose machinery, metal forming machinery, foundry machinery, woodworking machinery, measuring instrument, cutting tool, fixture, abrasive products, coated abrasive, super-hard material and its products, CNC system, digital readout unit, machine tool electric appliance, machine tool accessories and functional components, machine tool parts and its maintenance, and industrial robot, etc. CMTBA has set up 8 working committees according to their working tasks and 25 sub-associations according to their product categories. CMTBA follows the basic tenets of vindicating the common interests of whole industry and promoting the industrial development, serves as a bridge between the government and CMTBA members, between the end users and manufacturers at home and abroad, and co-ordinates among the domestic enterprises in self-discipline. 

The major tasks of CMTBA are: to survey and study the current situation and development trend of the machine tool & tool industry; to convey the demands of the industry and enterprises to the government; to provide suggestions on the industrial development plan with the government’s entrustment; to promote the industrial independent innovation to change the developing mode and raise the industrial quality; to push the industrial energy-saving, resource-saving and pollution emission-controlling, nationalizing the key technical equipments and speeding the development of modern manufacturing service industry; to promote the performance of the industrial technical criteria to raise the industrial products qualities and management level
?to organize the exchange of and consultation on technologies, economy, markets, management, service experience and information; to issue the statistics; to promote the exchange of economic and trade technique at home and abroad, to exercise the international cooperation in various ways; to regulate the industrial actions by self discipline to promote equal competitions among the enterprises; to organize personnel training, to expand new technologies, to issue the industrial news papers, magazines and special information; to set up and maintain the industrial information web to upgrade the level of industrial information science; and to hold international and domestic machine tool exhibitions. 

Through various ways, CMTBA tried to promote the sustainable development of the industry, and its achievements has won the positive recognition of its members and end users. Additionally, CMTBA has been awarded the honor as “National Advanced Industrial Association” and “Machinery Industrial Advanced Association” by its superior and the state departments concerned. In the new era of building a well-off society, CMTBA is implementing the scientific conception of development, adhering to the guidance of scientific development, adhering to the tenet of serving its members, and working hard for realizing the transformation of China’s machine tool & tool industry from a Big Quantity Producer to a Strong High-Tech Producer on the principles of following the government’s policies, economic performance law, market system and social ethics.



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