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Who We Are

MAXNOVO MACHINE is the SGS On-site Audited Chinese Trusted ISO9001 manufacturer of metalworking machines and CNC working machines. Our company always insists on providing High Precision Machine For Demanding Users. We approach business differently than other companies. We gladly choose long-term relationship with all our customers all the time. 

Company Profile of MAXNOVO MACHINE

Since more than 20 years the company of MAXNOVO MACHINE is always dealing with the development, design and production both of metalworking machines and CNC machines. It is a recognized Chinese OEM / ODM manufacturer, specialist designer, supplier, distributer and exporter of Lathe Machine, Milling Machine, Drilling Machine, Multi-function Machine, Cutting Machine, with ISO9001 certified manufacturing factory in Yangzhou City, Jiangsu province, P. R. China.  



Your requirements are our target 

We develop our machines ourselves to a large extent such as Metal Lathe , Drilling Milling Machine, Vertical Drilling Machine, Radial Drilling Machine, CNC Lathe Machine, CNC Milling Machine and Combination Lathe Mill Drill. Anyone of our products distinguishes itself by quality, accuracy, sustainability and consistent of value. Beside our production plants we have our articles solely produced by manufacturers who are able to fulfill our high quality requirements. The professional knowledge serves to constantly advance and improve our products.



Quality at a cost-efficient price

Are you looking for a functional metalworking machine or a CNC working machine offering comprehensive features at an economical price ? Then you make the right choice by purchasing a MAXNOVO MACHINE metal working machine or a CNC working machine. Our machines are convincing by outstanding quality, accurate manufacturing and offer an “MAXNOVO MACHINE” in price and performance. With rich pool of creative minds, we manage to lead in the technology curve and to achieve new reliable price points ahead of the competition. The quality at a cost-efficient price is our aim for you in the long term. We are dedicated to ensure all customers to buy safely and sell safely. The team strives each day to give customers best machines and best service.



Intensively Production

Since 2003 the MAXNOVO MACHINE produces a large part of its metal working machines in its own factory in Yangzhou in China. There, the quality is controlled by the Germany Quality Management Representatives on-site. The final assembly and commissioning of our MAXNOVO MACHINE products provide added value and allows perfect long-term working with the machine. We never compromise on any materials validation and accurate quality control (IQC, IPQC, OQC) from start to finish. From all the production material even a single resistor or a single cable, to hardware functions and sample test, we check all the components and each possible performance of them. With every product we supply, we will make sure there is no mistake. But due to some unavoidable reasons, if your purchase products from us are proven to be defective, we always would take responsibility and take effective actions immediately for you.



Quality Assurance

MAXNOVO MACHINE products are produced with high quality standards. The MAXNOVO MACHINE guarantee of quality, the well trained technical quality team is the first contact for adhering to quality on-site. They would do quality management incoming goods inspection and quality management outgoing goods inspection. In a word, the quality team would be responsible for the dimensional accuracy of the products as well as their control and the quality of the manufacturing process. All MAXNOVO MACHINE products are produced with high quality requirements.



Customer Support 

Customers may rightly expect that our specialists are able to use their full knowledge and experience to their utmost satisfaction. The professional customer consultants support the user and customers with technical information. Moreover, we are also optimizing the export infrastructure and improving the supply chain to make them the most cost-effective for you. The professionals know how to fulfill the customized requirements for customers, how to control the supply chain for competitive advantage. Customers’ satisfaction is really very important for us.



Technical Development

The technical department has a well-established team of technically highly qualified specialists. Their well-founded expertise allows flexible and creative implementation of all requirements which are demanded for our products and service. The dynamic technical team of specialists comprises engineers, executives who had solid working experience in the field of offering one-stop complete solution for high precision machines.



Social Responsibility

MAXNOVO MACHINE has a variety of commitments when it comes to culture, community, education and environment. As one of the responsible companies in china, we are committed to promoting local development and do so by focusing our activities on community and social issues in local region. We know from experience that research and development is the engine that drives successful innovations over the long term. That is why MAXNOVO MACHINE wants to spark children’s and young people’s interest in science and technology at an early age and support students in these field. After all, it is their idea that will shape the future of our society, and perhaps one day, that of MAXNOVO MACHINE, too. Under the motto “ Helping others to Help Themselves, ” we have full sincerity to share the product knowledge and professional experience with you together, to support you and your business much more success.  




                                               Factory For MAXNOVO MACHINE Company 



                                     Lathe Machine Workshop For MAXNOVO MACHINE Company 



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CE, ISO9001, SGS On-Site Audited Manufacturer of Metalworking Machines and CNC Working Machines
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