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Item NO: MM-D420 X 1000


  • Product Name :      16" X 40" Precision Lathe
  • Trade Terms :         FOB, CFR, CIF
  • Payment Terms :    T/T, L/C
  • Loading Port :        SHANGHAI or YANGZHOU Sea Port
  • Packing Type :        Reinforced Wooden Case
  • Delivery Time :        Within 3--5 weeks
  • Delivery Type :        Transportation By Sea 
  • Mini Order Quantity :  1 Unit
  • Brand Name :          OEM or MAXNOVO
  • Supply Ability :        More than 4000 units every year
  • Quotation Valid :     Within 15 days since quotation date
  • Safety Certificate :   CE, TUV, ISO9001
  • Product Origin :       Jiangsu Province, China
  • Product Warranty :  12 months standard warranty
  • Telephone Us :         0086-514-87892928  


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D420X1000 Precision Lathe Machine


This kind of MM-D420X1000 universal metal lathe machine is a fantastic model for small to medium-size turning works (distance between centers 1000mm). Even its basic configuration includes important accessories, such as 3-jaw chuck, steady and follow rest, change gears etc. increasing the application area of this model significantly. Such high precision engine lathe machine which is been made in ISO9001 factory from MAXNOVO MACHINE with CE Safety Certification. A heavy ribbed machine bed and a massive one-piece cast-iron frame provide the solid basis for this precise lathe machine. Wide, hardened and ground guide-ways ensure superior turning results and long life.




Main  Feature :  

Convincing Arguments: Quality, Efficiency and Price   

-  Centre Width 1000 mm, Turning Diameter Over Lathe Bed Ø 410 mm, Spindle Bore Ø 52 mm

-  Hardened and ground bed guide-ways

-  Spindle Seat Camlock DIN ISO 702-2 No. 6

-  Heavy ribbed machine bed and massive one-piece cast-iron frame provide solid basis for this machine

-  Wide, hardened and guide-ways ensure superior turning results and long life

-  State-of-the-art main spindle bearing with high-quality angular ball bearings

-  Large, hardened, polished gears

-  Coolant equipment with separate coolant tank separately with filling level display and

oil separator, Easy and compete draining and cleaning according to DIN

-  Guaranteed true running accuracy of the spindle nose of better than 0.015mm

-  Running in an oil bath, hardened and ground with 2 re-adjustable precision taper roller bearings

-  All metric thread pitch in range from 0.2 to 14mm/rev and all inch threads in range from 72 – 2 threads per inch without replacing change gears by means of gear levers adjustable on control panel

-  Right-handed / Left-handed rotation on the bed slide switchable via stem

 Central lubrication at the bed slide

-  Base frame and lathe bed made from one-piece mechanize casting

-  Inductive hardened, polished grey cast-iron machine bed

-  Protective cover for lead screw (optional)

-  For reducing non-productive time, this machine can install 3-Axis Digital Position Indicator (optional)

-  Electrical system with high quality components

-  Foot brake – foot operate emergency stop device

-  Adjustable scale of the threading gauge

-  Easy, smooth and precisely adjustable speed and feed settings

-  Hardened, polished gears and shafts, also in feed gear unit

-  Centrally located, logical switches for feeds and threads with lead-screw and feed rod

-  Large spindle bearings and high-precision headstock ensure excellent concentricity

-  Halogen machine lamp with articulated arm

-  Acceptance certificate

-  Electro-mechanical foot brake reduces downtime significantly

-  Adjustable tailstock for taper turning, handwheel feature adjustable scale (0,02 mm)

-  The remove-able bridge allows machining of work-pieces with a big diameter

-  Connecting voltage Three Phase 400V

-  Certificate of Original (CO, FORM A, FORM E, FORM F) 





Technical  Data :  


Product  Name :

High Precision Metal Centre Lathe Machine

Product  Item :

MM-D420 X 1000

Machine  Data

Max Swing over Bed :

Ø 410 mm

Distance between centers :

1000 mm

Turning Diameter over Cross Slide :

Ø 255 mm

Turning Diameter in the Bed Bridge :

Ø 580 mm

Length of Bed Bridge :

260 mm

Centre  Height :

205 mm

Bed  Width :

250 mm


Spindle  Taper :

MT 6

Spindle  Bore :  

Ø 52 mm

Quadruple Tool Holder Height :

Max. 20 X 20 mm

Spindle  Seat :

Camlock DIN ISO702-2 No.6

Speed  Range

Spindle  Speed :

45—1800 RPM

Number of Steps :

16 Steps


Tailstock Taper :

MT 4

Tailstock--Sleeve Diameter / Sleeve Travel :

Ø 50 mm / 120 mm


Travel of Top slide :

140 mm

Travel of Cross slide :

230 mm

Feeds and Thread Pitches

Longitudinal feed in range of :

0.05—1.7 mm/rev   (17 feeds)

Transverse feed in range of :

0.025—0.85 mm/rev (17 feeds)

Pitch-Metric in range of :

0.2—14 mm / rev   (39 thread pitches)  

Pitch-Inch in range of :

72—2 GPZ          (45 thread pitches)  

Diametric Pitch in range of :

8—44 DP           (21 trapezoid thread)

Modular Threads in range of :

0.3—3.5 mm        (18 modular thread)

Electrical Connection

Main Motor :  

3300W / 2200W

Connecting Voltage :

Three Phase 400V

Gross  Weight :

1650 KGS

Packing  Size :

2025 X 915 X 1375 mm 

Standard Accessory :

3-Jaw Chuck, 4-Jaw Chuck, Face Clamping Disc, Foot Brake,

Steady Rest, Follow Rest, Machine Lamp, Coolant Equipment, Change Gear Kit, Tools and Tool-box











Optional Accessory

In order to convenient customers, our MAXNOVO MACHINE factory offers the ORIGINAL high quality special optional spare parts of these metalworking machines in the bellowing PDF document for you to choose. All these special optional spare parts could be delivery to you with your purchased machines together so as to save your transportation cost and save your time.








Frequently Asked Questions :

(1). QUESTION : Are you a manufacturer factory or trading company ? 
ANSWER : We are the SGS On-site Recognized OEM / ODM China manufacturer factory to produce Lathe Machine, Milling Machine, Drilling Machine, CNC Machine and Cutting Machine with export license. we have an experienced team made up of "A" player who have a passion for doing everything great to create more value for customers world-wide.

(2). QUESTION : Why choose cooperate with your company ?  
ANSWER :  -Right people, Right product, Right price

                  -Company-wide customer awareness
                  -Reliable Quality and All components from world leading suppliers
                  -Cost-effective export infrastructure and total supply chain management

(3). QUESTION : Where is your factory located ?  How can I visit there ?    
ANSWER : Our ISO90001 certified manufacturer factory located in Yangzhou city, Jiangsu Province, P.R. China. It takes about 2 hours from SHANGHAI city by train. Warmly welcome all clients to visit us at your convenient time.

(4). QUESTION : Can you do OEM ? 
ANSWER : Yes, we have the good technical ability to do OEM / ODM to meet clients' special requirements. The technical department has a well-established team of technically highly qualified specialists. These well-founded expertise and technical department allows flexible and creative implementation of all requirements which are demanded for our products and service. The dynamic technical team of specialists comprises engineers, executives who had solid working experience in the field of offering one-stop complete solution for high precision machines.

(5). QUESTION : How does your factory do regarding quality control ? 
ANSWER : Offering the trustable quality is our dignity and all our teammates insist on doing it accurate at the first time. At MAXNOVO MACHINE, We see the basis for a constantly high customers’ satisfaction and our current and future market success in the clear Quality Control orientation of all employees. Beside delivery reliability and service the quality of products is of highest importance for you. The quality control is ensured by continuous internal and external monitoring on site by these well-trained and motivated quality managers. The comprehensive inspection for Incoming goods Quality Control (IQC) and Outgoing goods Quality Control (OQC) is performed according to the technical guidelines strictly.



(6). QUESTION : What is the average delivery time ?  
ANSWER : Normally, it would be within 1 – 2 weeks since our financial department confirm receive customers' contract payment. For mass production purchase order at big quantity, the delivery time could be discussed with us case by case. 



(7). QUESTION : What is the product warranty ?  

ANSWER : The standard product warranty would be 12 months.   




(8). QUESTION : What does your company care ?

ANSWER : As a responsible manufacturer of metalworking machines and CNC working machines, we care about the working conditions and social welfare of our employees. We care about the quality and source of the material components. We care about how to make our machines still work well for you even after years of operation. We care about whether our machines have supported clients to increase their product sales and enhance brand image.






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